Young British Talent: Katie Eary

January 11, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Katie Eary is a high octane menswear designer (and even dabbles in ladies' wear). This British talent is best known for her intense graphic pieces, which was successfully demonstrated in her AW13 runway show in London earlier this week. Her youthful, edgy, loud, and in your face designs can best be described as street couture, and her cheetah print tee was even spotted on Rihanna. We caught up with Katie to learn more about her design process, and the inspiration behind her AW13 collection.

You’ve been designing menswear since you graduated in 2008. Why did you decide to do menswear? Whats appealing to you about designing for men?

I think its because it was seen as a challenge when I was at school... everyone shied away from it because of that... that's like a red rag to a bull for me...

Tell us a bit about the creative process—how to go about about selecting the prints/ colors/ graphic concepts you incorporate into your work?

Usually I start from a book or a film and I create clothing for the characters in my head. I usually have my best ideas while out shopping or wandering aimlessly. I then pull thousands of images from all over, books, mags, internet etc, etc., and then I'm ready to get cracking!

For the past few years, we’ve been documenting the revival of a lot of heritage brands, and traditional tailoring in menswear.. you're quite the opposite of that style. How do you see your collection fitting into the global menswear scene? And how do you describe what you do, and who your customer is?

I feel like I have created something people didn’t know they would ever want but somehow are totally drawn to it, whether they are into classic tailoring or a high street junkie, they want it/need it. It has been a slow process and I aim to continue building a strong foundation. I’ve never rammed it down peoples’ throats. I want it to be a totally natural process that people can dip in and out of. My customer at the moment ranges from young hip hop street kids, to the high fashion conscious gent who has been collecting Hermés shirts since the beginning of time. But now it’s MY shirts they love.

What’s inspiring you for AW13?

Vampires, life and death, and the living dead.

Can you give us a sneak peek or short description of what you’ll be showing at Capsule?

Yes, see below... This is a really subtle piece that I predict will sell quite nicely.

All the looks from Katie Eary's A/W13 runway show:

Quick Facts:

Name: Katie Eary

Where do you live: London Fields

Describe your personal style: Chic rock with a twist of Harlem

Favorite hotel: Hotel De Crillon (Paris)

Favorite restaurant: Chez Andre (Paris)

What’s inspiring you now? Vampires!!!

Favorite place to grab a beer: Seabright Arms (off hackney road)

Currently reading: Filth - Irvine Welsh... I've read it 100 times, never gets boring.

Favorite art gallery or museum: TATE BRITAIN