You Used to Dress Like THAT?!?!

November 30, 2011 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Whether siblings, friends, or couples, our participants have had a partner throughout the years to laugh, cry, and dress up with. While we should all be lucky enough to have lifelong comrades of this caliber, this week's installment of You Used to Dress Like THAT?!?! also shows that sometimes having such a like-minded individual around us might distort our perception of reality into believing that we're dressed well, when, in fact, we're not. Our three pairs this week are all wildly successful as individuals and as partners, which you might find strange when you see the photos below.


Jeff Halmos & Sam Shipley

These bff's met in their college days, when we all experiment with fashion with the outcomes being sometimes horrible, sometimes aight. These gentlemen were kind enough to send over a photo when a 21 year old Sam was visiting a 21 year old Jeff in Florence. Two 21 year old American dudes in Europe in the early 2000's? Oy, this was doomed from the get-go. See below for photographic evidence.

At this point in their lives, these two were focused on the more important things in life. Jeff (on the right) was wearing a Newcastle jersey not because he loved the fit, color, or team. He was simply a fan of Newcastle beer. But you can't fault the guy for not sticking to his guns - he wore those enormous harem pants jeans for two years straight. His Volcom windbreaker was also a constant in the wardrobe of his higher education days. Even if they hadn't told us when this photo was taken, Sam's haircut definitely dates this snapshot. As does the fact that, at this time, Sam was also non-ironically rocking Volcolm on the reg, and was probably using the phrase "on the reg." The best thing that Sam told us about this photo was that he was wearing a "fitted" sweater. And speaking of fit, at his college campus in Boulder Sam was frequently harassed with calls of "Hey man, your pants are too tight!" These are the pants that they were referring to.

These boys graduated from Volcolm and jeans of JNCO proportions to the slim suiting and laid-back style that has gotten the attention of dudes looking for that "when the working day is done, boys just wanna have fun" appearance. This photo was taken at the CFDA awards last summer, and these guys were keeping it simple and clean. Sam has cut down about 46 cubic feet out of his pants, and is rocking the reliable "black suit, pink tie, and a proper shirt collar." Jeff has also completed his transformation and is especially proud of the fact that most of the clothing on his body was "made by a company with [his] name on the door." But not all change can be for good; turns out champagne was the only available tipple at this function. As Jeff declared, perhaps with some outrage, "Turns out newcastle is hard to find at Lincoln Center!"


Byron & Dexter Peart

The identical twins Byron and Dexter Peart have been making waves with their elegant and beautiful accessories brand WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie. Born out of a necessity to fill a void in travel with logical and quality accessories, Byron and Dexter shared with us an old photo of them that, as lifetime travelers, was the beginning of the narrative that eventually produced WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie.

Always the jet setters, this was a trip three year olds Byron and Dexter took from Canada to Jamaica to meet their grandmother for the very first time. The similarly dressed twins were keeping their luggage game classy, beginning the trajectory that has lead them to this point of designing vessels for the modern technocratic traveler. Back then though, their suitcases were full of a three year old's most prized possessions - toys, crayons, pencils, etc. (according to their mother, these were also a great help in distracting them from driving her insane). By the way, Mrs. Peart still has those suitcases, perhaps an indication of WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie's goal to withstand the test of time.

Still similarly and stylishly dressed, the twins used the experience garnered from running WANT Agency to realize the right product at the right moment. These days, while shuttling between Montreal and New York City, Byron and Dexter fill their bags with iPads, laptops, and the other necessary gadgets and distractions for the consummate business traveler. Of course, there's nothing wrong with filling one's WANT Les Essentials de la Vie luggage with crayons, toys, *cough* meds *cough*, and whatever else keeps you from going nutso on a flight. That way, even if you've passed out drooling on the flight, or when you arrive at your destination as a rumpled sallow mess, at least your bag will let people know you're doing it in style.

Steve & Nina Vogel

To try and document what this married couple have accomplished and the various pots they have their hands in would require an attention span that is rare to find these days. Basically these two have taken their various interests and molded some sort of dream job mash-up that involves music, fashion, food & drink, art, design, and travel. Friends since childhood, Steve and Nina have literally written the book on Streetwear, and are now based in Hamburg where they head the creative agency Black Lodges. Such awesome lives must have auspicious beginnings...

AHHHHHH STEVE IS IN LEDERHOSEN!!! Was this a trend in the 80's, or do we chalk this up to the zeitgeist of Germany? The socks with sandals thing is also screaming "Bavaria," though I'm not sure why. Steve claims that he doesn't think that he's ever changed his dress code (maybe this could still work in Milwaukee during Oktoberfest) but he clearly had to get rid of that hair, if only to cut down on the required fluffing. Nina, meanwhile, is killin' it with the oversized shoulders and modernist bowlcut. And of course, she's drawing the envy of chumps in bucket hats with that ultimate accessory of form and function: a juicebox!

Steve and Nina are still one of the more stylish couples strolling down the street, but unfortunately the lederhosen are gone. Steve admits that "the printed tees" of his skating days have been "substituted by button shirts and plain tees," but that's just the surface. Essentially he's "still the same metalhead skate-rat." Nina's wardrobe mainly consists of big skirts and vintage-y pieces that results in a look we're all fans of. The only thing we can harp on with sadness if that Nina is now clutching an iPhone instead of a juicebox. Is that really what we sacrifice in the name of progress? Someone get this lady a juicebox!