You Used to Dress Like THAT?!?!

October 26, 2011 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Social media is redefining the notion of personal privacy and blah blah blah -- what matters is that we're here to expose the sordid sartorial pasts of friends and family. So, without further ado, we bring you three more current superstars who aren't ashamed to bare what was so adequately phrased in Colonel Kurtz's dying breath.


Jian DeLeon

Jian DeLeon is pretty infamous for his "BLOGLIFE" tattoo, and we hope for his sake that blogs don't go the way of the MiniDisc Player. Any staff writer of Complex is sure to be dressed to the 9's, but was he always a DB enthusiast? The answer is no, absolutely not. See below for details.

Jian preferred jackets of the track variety, and was years ahead of his time when it came to the Bieber sweep. Regardless of whether that's a Smurf necklace or a Smurf graphic tee, Jian describes this as "a time when I was young, foolish, and full of steezy dreams." Steezy is one way of putting it...

That was quite the turnaround. From too-tight pre-faded jeans to double breasted peak lapel, Jian credits his metamorphosis to the fact that "Tumblr taught me." So basically, without reblogs and little red hearts this Filipino stud wouldn't have a friend on the phone and would have no party invitations to stick in that ticket pocket. I'm not sure whom his hat is addressing, but for the record, I would never speak to Marc Ecko like that.


Nina Egli

The Swiss-born Brooklyn-based designer of Family Affairs and Toujours Toi has always enjoyed doing her own thing, even if it meant being stared at in a conservative Switzerland. Nowadays people aren't as quick to judge in NYC, but that might be different if she still carried around a rat.

Nina was rockin' the DIY Tomboy look before any of you ever heard of Brooklyn. She cut her own hair (obvi), which, asked to sum up in a word, was described as "experimental." We'll chalk up her answer to being lost in translation. Ever the flower-child, she thought that her Doc Martens looked "aggressive and military" so she "decided to paint them with friendly things like flowers." How prophetic!

Thankfully Nina has graduated from braces and rodents to a classic look with quirkiness only in the details. She decided to drop the crushed velvet leggings (which she still owns, so nevermind) and evolve her style when she started crushing on a really cute boy. Ah, love -- is there anything it can't overcome?


Cator Sparks

The Editor-in-Chief of has reluctantly and finally admitted that purple glitter and client meetings don't mix. With great power comes great reductions of bronzer. However, that doesn't mean that we can't fondly look back to the days when Cator's accessory game was at its peak/shiniest.

We put these two photos side by side because they give us a perfect example of why you shouldn't necessarily burn the outfit you wore to tranny cabaret shows in 2004. Cator proves it is possible to go "from Beau Brummel to Grandpa goes to the Greenbrier" in the same jacket and just a twist of accoutrement and head-tilt angle. And that, dear friends, is the miracle of fashion.

Check back with us next week as we unveil more miraculous transformations. And remember, one of our goals is to make you pause, take a glance at yourself, and ask if 20 years from now you'll be cringing at the sight of this 2011 outfit. And then remember that 20 years from now you'll be lucky to not be wearing a Gerber food stained snuggie.