Women Of The Market: Meet Showroom/Agency Bosslady Andie Verbance

August 13, 2014 BY CAPSULE

Armed with an enviable list of accomplishments in the worlds of sales, styling and branding Andie Verbance recently started up her own showroom/agency, By Land And Sea. We caught up with the lively lady to ask her about her new business, her current obsessions and how to have fun and make it in the tough, tough world of fashion.


Tell us about By Land and Sea. What’s the concept behind the company?

The overall concept behind the company is to provide highly personalized attention to growing apparel brands and help them flourish. The name pays tribute to how brands travel from designers to customers all over the world. It’s also an homage to exploration and travel; we are a globally minded agency in every way.

What services do you provide?

The main focus at BL+S is sales, however we also are able to offer services such as consulting in hemisphere transition, season and product development and direct from market feedback. We also work closely with really incredible distribution and PR companies based in LA and have capabilities of providing a 360 approach for brands.

What kind of brands do you hope to represent?

I feel that it is important to work with brands who are seeking a partnership, whether domestically or internationally. I want them to feel that by Land + Sea is an extension of their brand and know that we will always work together with the same intention.


Who are your current clients?

Brands who will be participating in this season's (capsule) Show include Barber, LBT-LBT, Pfeiffer, Theron Cashmere, Foley & Keane scarves and kimonos and Capri.Positano sandals. I also have two brands showing at Coterie this season - Garbe Luxe and Blanc Noir.

Being an entrepreneur is tough. What are some things you had to learn in the start up phase?

I take a strategic approach in all aspects: workload, financials, brand planning, scheduling. I believe it is important to fuse a creative vision with a strong business plan so that there is a backbone in everything we do.

More than ever I have learned that being an entrepreneur is about team work, not only with who is on your direct team but everyone who supports you along the way. It is so exciting to feel inspired, encouraged and challenged by everyone around you. I have learned so much from friends and colleagues in and outside of the industry.

Who or what is having a major impact on fashion right now?

Right now it’s all about the incorporation of activewear, and I am a huge supporter of this trend. It's really nice to contribute to the trend by sporting Nike Air Max 90s at tradeshows now in lieu of heels!


About Andie:

How do you describe your personal style?

Relaxed basics in varying shades of black, grey or nude with a leather jacket, vintage jewelry and of course my tattoos. I am always on the hunt for classic go-to items that are the perfect blend of fashion and comfort for travel.

Currently reading:

Travel books on Greece and Turkey. One of my lovely designers is getting married in Greece this August, so I am trying to squeeze in my travel plans

Currently wearing:

Oversized white linen tee, Frame Distressed Moto Denim and Black Double Strap Birkenstocks.


Currently listening to:

Jungle, FKA Twigs, Blood Orange and Flume

Why did you decide to work in fashion?

I love the fast-pace, challenging nature of fashion. I always knew I would choose a career where every single day is exciting and different. I suppose it is also necessary to mention another intriguing element of our industry - the travel (of course). Sales for and to international accounts makes the world so small and I love how in one day I can be in touch with and work clients from all over the globe.