Women of the Market: Meet Research & Development's Candice Clark

January 13, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Based in Los Angeles, Research & Development is a showroom that focuses on carrying local and global brands alike, as long as they embody the aesthetic the showroom was built on: classic with a modern twist. Helmed by industry veteran Candice Clark who built the showroom around her personal style, Research & Development deals in global fashion designers whose collections all complement each other while remaining unique not only from each other, but from the rest of the market.

We asked Candice a few questions about how R&D got started, what she looks for in designers, and what trends we can look out for in 2016:

(c) What spurred you to open your own showroom?
It was actually really organic. I had been working in this industry for some time managing other showrooms and a friend of mine moved to Denmark and worked at Just Female… she had put us in touch as she knew that the line was my personal aesthetic and that the line would have massive success here in the states. I started working with Just Female for the first season after going out on my own then gradually picked up more lines that were complementary to it to enhance sales all around.

(c) What do you look for when picking up new lines for your showroom?
I look for lines that will fit in with my existing lines… lines that offer something different than what’s currently in the market and showroom, that don’t compete with existing lines, and have similar price points.

(c) What characteristic do you think unites all the collections in the Research & Development showroom?
They all have a minimalist vibe, simple and easily wearable shapes, but with an edge. Price points must support the product and we look for collections that are going to retail- most importantly we want our stores to be successful!


(c) Your showroom has a distinctive global slant. What draws you to fashion from other countries?
You know that kind of happened organically too. Like I said we are looking for lines that are different than what is existing in the market here, and a lot of that seems to come from Europe/Scandinavia at this moment in time. We do have some US lines too, and most importantly, we want to be able to sell more than one line to the same store, so the lines need to fit together.

(c) What are some must have items from the collections you represent?
Just Female has great leather items and amazing prints- more prints than ever before… there is a multi color stripe group I can’t wait to get my hands on. Callahan has an amazing leopard print sweater group. Storm & Marie, also has some amazing rainbow all over colored knits.

Brands represented: Just Female, Callahan, Storm & Marie, Diarte, Terhi Polkki, and JOLN.

Cooper Design Space
860 South Los Angeles Street
Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Visit Research & Development showroom at Capsule Las Vegas and Capsule New York Women's.