Women of the Market: Ana Kras

January 02, 2014 BY JESS HEMENWAY

A short and sweet interview with the lovely Ana Kras to kick off the new year, enjoy.

ana-kras-4-2Tell us a little about yourself

Hi, my name is ana kras.

Where do you live?

At the moment i live in east village, new york

Favorite neighborhood hang?

I don't really have a spot where I often find myself


What’s a typical day like for you?

wake up, shower, do some work at home while making breakfast, then i head to my studio to do more work, and then in the evening i meet a friend for a dinner or i go back home and eat there and take a bath and lay, rest and watch a doc or ancient aliens.

When not in the studio, where can we find you?

at home :)

Where did the idea of making your now infamous bonbons come from? What led you to this career path?

I studied furniture design and interior architecture. I made the first bonbon lamp 5 years ago. I was not inspired by anything particular, I had the idea of the process and I gave it a try, that's how I made the very first one.

How long does a piece take from start to finish? Can you tell us about the process?

At the beginning it was taking me very long time to make a lamp. now my fingers got much faster, depending on the size, the smallest one I can make in around 15 hours or so, maybe a little more.


What inspires you?


What other artists do you admire?

I admire Constantin Brancusi

What’s next?

eating this tiramisu and falling asleep

Thanks, Ana.

Photos via here and here.