Women Of The Market: Amelie Mancini

June 25, 2013 BY JESS HEMENWAY


Words and Interview by Jess Hemenway/Photos by Will Foster

Amelie Mancini is the artist behind Left Field Cards. Originally from France she moved to New York in 2006 and fell in love with baseball after attending a Mets game. Her spin on baseball cards has caught the eyes of the MLB, ESPN and other sports networks. We got to catch up with her in her Bed-Stuy studio to get the behind the scene scoop on these creations.

How did Left Field Cards come about?

I had just finished a series of large paintings about legendary baseball players, like Babe Ruth and Sandy Koufax and I wanted to keep making art about baseball but in a different way. My boyfriend brought home his old collection of baseball cards from his parents' house and I loved looking at them and going through them: it was fascinating! I decided to make my own cards and that's how Left Field Cards started.

Will baseball always be your main focus or do you see yourself branching out into other sports?

Baseball is by far my favorite sports but I would love to explore other sports too at some point. I also do other things that are not sports-related at all, and now that Left Field Cards is up and running I have been spending some of my time working on other stuff, like cacti prints and spoon carving and it has been really nice.


IMG_2201 IMG_2217

What brought you to NY? What do you love most about this city?

Love originally! Then I stayed because it's the perfect place for me. I love how huge and diverse it is and New Yorkers are some of the toughest and kindest people I've met.

Do you have Mets season tickets?

I don't but I would love to. I go to about 5 to 10 games a year as it is.

What is your average day like?

Work work work! Get in the studio around 10am, work till dinner. I'm going through a phase where all I want to do is work and make stuff.




You probably get asked this a lot but if you could only choose one, who is your favorite player?

Tough one! There are too many. I'm going to say Harvey Haddix.

Do you have a preference, painting v. printmaking?

Nope! I love both. And I love to be able to switch between mediums. That way I never get bored.

What inspires you?

The Met. Old baseball photographs. Fabric patterns from all over the world - from kilims to bogolan to Sonia Delaunay's prints.

What advice can you give to beginning artists?

Find your peers, never give up, and most importantly, make good work.


IMG_2164 IMG_2145

Favorite neighborhood hang?

Choice in Bed-Stuy. Ganso downtown Brooklyn.

Drink of choice?

Iced coffee by day, G&T by night.

What are you working on now, and what are your plans for the future?

I have been carving spoons and making cheese boards. I want to make some ceramics and print fabric and keep adding new things to Left Field Cards of course.

Who’s your girl crush?

My studio mate and best friend Ariele Alasko of Brooklyn to West. And my sister, Juliette, also a talented artist.

Thanks, Amelie. Check her out here.