Wolverine Store Grand Opening

September 20, 2013 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER


You might have seen our post during fashion week regarding Samantha Pleet for Wolverine 1k, if you did, you've already been introduced to the brands brand spanking new flagship store. If not, let us give you a tour! Yesterday evening the brand opened their doors for a Grand Opening party including beer, tacos, cocktails and of course, the gorgeous Wolverine 1k shoes, which lined the walls and display set ups.

As we walked through the door, we were greeted by a pair of classic Wolverine boots....entrenched in a block of ice. They practically screamed,"how's that for duability?!". The smell of Tacombi tacos wafted from the back and the rest of the event was footwear history. If you're in New York, be sure to head over to Elizabeth Street to check out the shoe scene and get acquainted with the latest collections, not in New York? We've got all the pictures you'll need to recreate the event in the safety of your own home...scroll down!

IMG_1167IMG_1149IMG_1155IMG_1156IMG_1171IMG_1143IMG_1174IMG_1146IMG_1164The Wolverine Company Store is located at

242 Elizabeth Street

New York, NY 10012