Westerlind on Westerlind

December 17, 2015 BY CAPSULE


Outdoors enthusiast and fashion entrepreneur Andrea Westerlind has curated the Above Tree Line section of Capsule for several years, making it one of the most popular sections of the show. A self-described “trade show addict”, Westerlind’s keen eye has helped to bring some of the world’s coolest brands to the Capsule shows. “Buyers from the fashion world generally don't have time to visit the outdoor trade shows. So I go to all of them, select the best brands and bring it to Capsule.”

Westerlind also curates a well-rounded selection of hard-to-find brands for her retail stores, Westerlind Outdoor, in NYC, and Utah. We caught up with Andrea recently to talk about plans for AW16.

Describe Westerlind in 5 words or less.
Stylish outdoor clothes and gear.

Describe the Westerlind uniform?
Someone told me I look like a lesbian on spring break. I guess that's our uniform.

What are a few elements that define Westerlind’s aesthetic?
Classic outdoor shapes in natural fibers meets Scandinaivan simplicity and functionality.

What inspires the buy at Westerlind?
I think our clothes inspire people to get outside more. At least I hope so.

Who is currently on your fashion radar?
NLST is an army inspired brand from NYC. I love everything they do. And Bassike by two Australian stylist chicks. They have the perfect tomboy style.

Which brands are you excited to have in the shop this season?
Ficouture is our new backpack brand from Japan. Brittish Berghaus supplies us with the wolds lightest waterproof jacket. We're the only ones to carry the new James Bond Vuarnet glacier glasses. Those are exciting.

Swedish Woolpower is a classic best seller. It hasn't changed since the 70s and doesn't have to. We have tons of brands just like that. Plus some ultra modern brands like Snow Peak's new apparel line, Montbell etc.

You’re opening a new shop in SF- describe the location and a few exciting facts about the launch.
We're taking over the post office at the Marin Country Mart, which will be the first outdoor shop at this destination. I love the idea of a post office and outdoor shop in one. Can you imagine how cute our uniforms will be?

How will you celebrate the holidays this year?
As a retailer I don't make plans for Christmas anymore. I find other times to celebrate.

What are some of your favorite gifts to give during the holiday season?
Last year I sent out a home-made Swedish style mulled wine-brandy mix. Not sure how I'm going to top that, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. Aquavit perhaps..?

What’s on your Wish List this year (clothing and non-clothing items)?
I wish for many of my friends to come visit me on Powder Mountain. And lots of snow of course.