Welcome To The Candy Shop

December 10, 2013 BY MOUSSA MCHANGAMA

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Photos by Helena Lundqvist

”It’s been a dream for a really long time and now we were ready to do it properly,” says Danish designer Stine Goya, famed for her feminine sherbet colors and self-made prints, when we sit in her flagship store in Copenhagen, that opened during last fashion week in August.

Her designs have been a hit among Scandinavians since she started her brand in 2006, but Goya’s garments are sold in selected stores worldwide – from Giza to Bangkok and New York.

The store, that she has designed herself (“so much fun translating the tactile feeling of garments to other surfaces!”) is the first step in a plan to expand the brand. Next step?

“We’re thinking about opening up other stores. A couple more in Denmark, then we’ll see. And we’re working with Tomorrow, a great international agent, on expanding world-wide,” she notes.

She calls the store “a little chocolate box”, and one can easily see why; the dark magenta floor, the nuances of sherbet, and the golden details all give a welcoming and warm look, highlighting her collections.

“I think it’s so great to be able to give a full experience of the collections and our universe,” says Goya, as she picks out her favorites of the season.

“The leather jacket for sure. It’s a little bit more edgy, and a nice contrast to the feminine pieces. I’m really fond of the outerwear. The LBD is good for any party, and the pale denim shirt has got great details.”