Weekly Headlines

April 19, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Warby Parker offline flagship

After recently raising $41.5 million in funding from the likes of American Express and J.Crew's Mickey Drexler, Warby Parker officially opened its first ever physical flagship in NYC's Soho. Taking a cue from Apple, one of their neighbors, sales associates in the new flagship run around with tablets equipped with point of sale (POS) software, full time optometrists administer $50 eye exams, and customers can step into one of several photo booths to print or email pictures of themselves wearing their new glasses. Basically, if you aren't busy today and really like glasses, go hang out there for awhile. It's the newest fun, free thing to do in NYC.

Nick Wooster Leaves J.C. Penney

In an effort to continue to reverse each decision Ron Johnson made in the past year, J.C. Penney dropped the #menswear style star, Nick Wooster, from his position as Executive Vice President of Private Labels, and reappointed the position to the guy who had it before Wooster came in, Ken Mangone. Wooster is the fourth Johnson hire to be dropped since the big shift came last week.

Prada Writing Contest

Get crackin', kids, because Prada wants to know how vision shapes your life experience. Anyone 'round the world can submit a writing sample to Prada's website (in any language) from now through June 18. And what will you win for your words? First, second, and third place prizes were way too blasé, so they are "devising a subset of style categories to choose the winners." But really, does that mean money is involved?

Twitter Music Ranking

So what if I can get current top music rankings on iTunes, Grooveshark, or Spotify? No, I really just want to know what my Twitter family is listening to. And now we all can, with Listen to as many 30-second bits of songs as you want, then you can conveniently hit a button and redirect yourself to the "pay and download" option on iTunes. As of now, the top ranking song on Twitter is Psy's Gentleman, so clearly the Twitter world has a finely tuned ear for what we all should be paying money to listen to.