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March 29, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

A Total Snoozefest:

In the name of art, Tilda Swinton slept in a glass box at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as part of an installation called, 'The Maybe'. Did you miss Swinton's first sleeping sesh? Don't worry, she's doing it again-six more times this year. [Time]

Yoko Oh No!

Yoko Ono's collection for Open Ceremony has quite the reputation. Upon its release it was described as wacky/ ridiculous/ tongue-and-cheek. Now there are claims that it may be, dare we say, unoriginal. According to fashion Brooklyn designer, Haleh Nematzadeh, it is. She has filed a lawsuit against Ono claiming that the 80-year -old -artist and Open Ceremony ripped off her designs. What do you think, was Ono caught red handed ? [Telegraph]

The T-Shirt Everyone's Talking About:

Probably the most expensive t-shirt in the world, the Hermès Crocodile Crew Neck retails for a whopping $91,500. That's around $8,000 for taxes alone. The t-shirt is sold exclusively in their Madison Avenue store. [Slamxhype]

Addicted to Gucci:

For Friday Night Lights author, Buzz Bissinger, Gucci is like a drug. In a six-page article for GQ, Bissinger confesses his addiction to the brand, among other luxury brands, and discusses the amount of cash he throws down on a spending spree. Guess there are people out there who are willing to spend money on $91,500 tees. On a more serious note, Bissinger has checked himself into a rehab facility. [GQ]