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September 09, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


Written by Obi Anyanwu

A few months ago I had the pleasure of modeling Versace on behalf of We Are The Market. It was an experience that I'll remember for the rest of my life! I feel super fortunate and am eternally grateful for being asked to be a part of this project.

The trip to the Versace store on 5th avenue for my fitting was tons of fun. Trying on multiple styles didn't feel the least bit tedious, in fact it helped me get my thoughts together on how I should style myself for this shoot. Being a 90s baby, I've always associated Versace with hip-hop thanks to Biggie, Diddy, and everyone at Bad Boy. Hip hop had their affair with Louis Vuitton thanks to Yeezy and Pharrell, Prada through Dipset, and even Damir Doma and Rick Owens today through ASAP Rocky, but you can't overwrite the genre's original fashion love affair. I've been a fan of Versace for awhile because they consistently come out with statement pieces every season. My style has changed over time from fun and colorful to minimal and understated, but despite the change Versace has everything I need regardless of what mood I'm in. So, after seeing multiple jeans, jackets, and (my favorite part of the fitting) sneakers, I finalized my looks which even changed at the last minute at shoot time. On the shoot day at Fast Ashley studio, I was greeted with my three looks amidst racks on racks on racks of clothes. I got dressed in my first look, made my way to the marking and hopped right into model mode.

My first look I call my 'Watch the Throne' outfit. I envisioned myself performing on stage or getting snapped by the paparazzi in this fit (you know, stuff that'll never happen) so I thought of Jay Z with this fit. It consisted of a black crewneck, Medusa head sweatshirt, dark denim and stretch jeans with leather details on the pockets and waistband, and a pair of clean white high tops. This is an understated luxury look for when you want to go high-end without looking high-end and drawing attention to yourself. This is the outfit for when you're getting dressed up solely for yourself.

obi-anyanwu-we-are-the-market-details-versace-1 obi-anyanwu-we-are-the-market-details-versace-2 obi-anyanwu-we-are-the-market-details-versace-3

The second look is very sporty, perfect for a day trip with friends and family. This look consists of a black Harrington style jacket with the iconic Versace pattern on the sleeves and a blue trim on the zipper. I styled it with a red t-shirt with a gold Medusa head logo, white jeans, and black high tops with a faint blue pattern. Personally, I love white jeans and I don't follow the Labor Day rule so I wear them all winter. White jeans look great all year round and really cleans up a look better than khaki chinos can. Winter white is going to be a trend this winter (did you see our trend reports?) so don't put your white jeans on the bench yet. Keep 'em in the game. Also, ever since Quantum of Solace, I've loved the Harrington Jacket style. I think it's one of the most "active" jackets next to the varsity jacket. It's the kind of jacket you wear post college before your first leather jacket. The sneakers were the perfect compliment to the jacket since they had a complimentary color scheme.


obi-anyanwu-we-are-the-market-details-versace-5 obi-anyanwu-we-are-the-market-details-versace-6

My last look is for showing off. When I put this outfit together, I thought of going out to dinner with a group of friends and heading to the club after. It felt very "young and fly in L.A." to me, like something Tyga would wear. This look has a black and white patterned silk shirt with a gold design at the collar, jet black jeans, and black high tops with gold embellishments. Originally, I went all black everything, very NYC, but at the last minute I switched it up to this shirt, because, well, LOOK AT IT! How can you turn down a beauty like this?!

It fit perfectly too - broad shoulders, slim waist, and felt a tad loose. It had an old school feel to it like something that could've been worn in Miami in the 80s or like something Biggie would wear in the 90s. The sneakers were the perfect compliment to the shirt too. It was as "in your face" as the shirt, has the same wow factor. If someone looks you up and down in this outfit they're going to say wow twice, guaranteed.


obi-anyanwu-we-are-the-market-details-versace-7 obi-anyanwu-we-are-the-market-details-versace-8 obi-anyanwu-we-are-the-market-details-versace-10

I had the time of my life at this shoot, and I wish I could do it all over again. I have to thank Details and Versace again for allowing me to be a part of this project. Check out the Style Feed for my full spread and to buy my outfits.


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