Discover at Capsule: Vladimir Karaleev

September 05, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Vladimir Karaleev’s work is characterized by intense study of the human body and its connections with clothing through experimental incision and innovative shape. A striking feature of both his women's and men's collections is the subtle yet decisive play with contrast of material. Influenced by contemporary art and architecture, Karaleev’s collections reflect a conceptual understanding of clothing as a medium as well as its functional purpose. The individual forms of expression are propagated through fashion unobtrusively, without disregarding the balance between material, shape and detail.

The SS17 collection focuses on the superposition of different textile surfaces, which have been overplayed, covered or overlapped, allowing us to view various elements of a garment. Additional cut outs are set to break the plain surface and let additional sight of the under layer or of some skin. Necklines and cuttings are being accented by piping or contrast stitching, which bring another graphic detail to the composition within the garment. Subtle deconstruction and soft draping are some of the techniques used to shape the silhouette and underline the artisanal craftmanship of the collection. Key items are a soft silk blouses quoting bomber jacket and dresses with asymmetrical cut outs.