Virtuosos - Part V: Alisa Gould-Simon, Director of Marketing & Communications, Pose

December 07, 2011 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Have you heard of Pose? It's the new social shopping app that re-launched yesterday with a new feature that encourages people to upload photos of what their wearing. You can share your looks, "Like" what other people are wearing, get style ideas, and share a find with friends.

Mobile shopping apps are the next big thing to impact the way we go shopping, as smart-phone wielding consumers are increasingly ready to share their consumerist urges with friends and stranger who share their interests whenever and wherever they strike. Helping us to understand how retail is evolving is Alisa Gould- Simon, a social media consultant and Director of Marketing & Communications at Pose.

WATM: What do you see as the biggest trend in social media and fashion right now?

Gould-Simon: User curated - an evolution of user generated. I know that we're all sick and tired of this word by now, but curation is still a hugely relavent trend in fashion. Street style is continuing to explode globally, and it has helped bring some interesting themes to fashion's forefront. At its core, street style rewards and canonizes individuals according to the strength of their personal style - be they an editor at Vogue or a lawyer in Cape Town. Polyvore and Pinterest, which have recently seen huge explosions in both their respective user bases and engagement, likewise reward personal expressions of style. Each platform revolves around selecting and pairing styles in order to catch the attention and, subsequently, accolades of the community. This glorification and gamification of personal style expression is a flourishing trend in fashion.

WATM: What is Pose all about?

Gould-Simon: Pose is the first style platform to introduce mobile outfit tagging, bringing personal style sharing to life. Pose is available for iOS, Android and on the web and allows users to snap and tag an entire look each time they get dressed or stumble across an inspiring style. Pose allows users to follow trends as they develop in real-time, as well as friends, influencers and brands for continuous style updates. Pose also offers exclusive access to rewards and offers like those featured in our '12 days of Giveaways,' which launches Dec. 7 and will include dozens of prizes from the likes of Levi's, LOFT,, Loeffler Randall and more. As far as our ultimate goal: for Pose to change the way we share and discover style.

WATM: Bloggers and brands have been doing all sorts of collaborations, from sponsored content, to getting bloggers involved in design, merchandising and promoting collections. How do you think bloggers and brands are going to partner going forward?

Gould-Simon: Bloggers are going to become increasingly involved in the creative sides of branding: be it photographing, styling or starring in look books, even designing. Most of the bloggers I talk to are interested in building out their individual brands by capitalizing on the talents that make them unique. Not to mention, managers looking to facilitate these partnerships, and to take a cut in the process,are popping up left and right. The tipping point has definitely occurred in the fashion blogger space and it's amazing to see this new phase where the brightest talents (who are still young and more adept to adapt than any) are now focused on the best ways in which to preserve their longevity and relevance in a quickly evolving industry.

Pose, a new mobile style platform

WATM: The line is blurring between editorial and endorsements. Do you see this as a problem within the industry?

Gould-Simon: It's definitely a problem within the industry but not a new one by any means. It's long been understood that the more advertising that you buy in a magazine, the more likely you are to get placement on the editorial side. Today, the same exists within the blogging world. Not to mention, brands are increasingly savvy to the fact that they can publish their own editorial and no longer be victim to the whims of publishers. This particular issue definitely seems to be endemic to fashion, which makes it uniquely challenging and interesting. I'm most curious to see what the next evolution is now that brands have started mastering advertorial and digital personas are helping to sell just as much product as mainstream magazines.

WATM: What are some tips for building your Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr followers?

Gould-Simon: The key is understanding each individual platform. What works on one will not necessarily work on the other. On Facebook we're always looking to encourage engagement, so we often use great images to catch people's attention and then engage them with a friendly, not too challenging question. Tumblr, on the other hand, is all about imagery. So, we tend to focus on themes and trends that allow us to incorporate a lot of beautiful images into a post (which make it more likely to be re-posted). Tagging is also highly important on Tumblr, whereas utilizing trending hashtags can increase a tweet's visibility on Twitter.

WATM: With so many ways to engage the consumer, what advice would you give to a brand to manage them all? In your opinion do brands need a presence in all of those media?

Gould-Simon: While a profile on any of the aforementioned social platforms isn't essential to the success of your brand, they've each been mentioned for a reason. I would advise any brand to familiarize themselves with each platform and focus efforts wherever they are seeing the best return (i.e. engagement). If you can't hit them all, put your energy into the platforms with which you find the most synergy. I would also recommend thinking long and hard about a voice and approach to any new platform before joining. There are millions of ways to set your brand apart; social media is absolutely a space where the more creative and unique you make your voice, the more likely it is to be heard.

WATM: What's the next big technology/app that fashion folks will need to start using?

Gould-Simon: Pose.


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