August 11, 2015 BY CAPSULE

Built on the foundation of simplistic form and function, Tsovet blends traditional aesthetics with modern design. The California-based company produces superlative timepieces that represent the freedom of travel and exploration and they spare no attention to detail. Founded in 2008, the brand may be considered a rookie in comparison to its predecessors, but a notable rapport with the likes of Barneys New York, Steven Alan, and a pack of high-end boutiques might suggest otherwise. Tsovet’s notable design, sleek dial markings fused with vegetable dyed Italian leather straps and premium stainless steel, boasts elements of stylistic grandeur and proves simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

If you fancy a numberless face or a square-shaped bezel, we assure you Tsovet is thinking outside of the circle. With a minimalist approach that showcases an appreciation for basic elements that make up a coveted timepiece, the meticulously handcrafted watches strike the perfect balance of functionality and elegance. The brand’s ethos, rooted in a fond appreciation for innovation and technology, embodies a timelessness designed to create a lasting impression at an affordable cost.