Vans and AW Lab Collaborate for Action Gallery


Written by Caterina Coccioli

In the past few seasons the relationship between fashion, art, and skateboarding has maintained a certain fleeting presence, but at the Action Gallery in Milan, the relationship between the three is quite real and the in-your-face collaboration is extremely successful.

The Action Gallery project was a temporary art gallery powered by Vans Italy and AW LAB. Set up in Milan’s Mammafotogramma studio, the main instillation revolved around the concept of “Taking action from sport to art” and was titled SKATE ART MACHINE.

SKATE ART MACHINE, a mini-ramp that is able to digitally trace the movements of skaters and literally transform them into art using hi-tech motion sensors, captured each skaters movements and sent them to a 3D printer and laser cutter, which generated live abstract shapes according to the style and movement of each skater. The information was simultaneously influencing the music being played and the projections seen on the ramp, which created a wholly action based visual and musical experience.

During the same one day event, a second instillation presented a select few of the best international GIF artists including Adam Ferris, Erdal Inci, Georges Jacotey, Haydi Roket, Philippe Blanchard, Rrrrrrrroll, Vince McKelvie and Walter Giordano. This wall was filled with the artists' moving images and was completely successful at bringing this gallery experience to life.

But best of all, the evening culminated with an excellent closing party hosted by VICE and a stage set on fire by eclectic South African rapper Spoek Mathambo who was accompanied by the electric sound of Pigro On Sofa. When the lights came on, PTWSCHOOL sound system finished us off with a DJ set that concluded an evening that overwhelmed our senses.

Action Gallery makes their next and last stop on May 30th in Naples. Entry is open to the public.