Upstate Stock: Beautiful Knits, Wonderfully Local

November 21, 2013 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER


We like to think of Capsule Show, We Are The Market and BPMW as a discovery point for new and exciting ideas, brands and people. Who's our newest and coolest discovery? Upstate Stock, the made-in-ny-state knit accessories brand that is redefining American manufacturing and locally made items.


Upstate Stock was born out of the intention to utilize and revitalize the meaning of American Manufacturing, a standard that is almost impossible to meet across seas. Using a factory in upstate New York, that has been manufacturing knitwear for the military and NYPD since 1946, Upstate Stock brings gorgeous knit accessories made from only the best materials. Bringing amazing products to the contemporary market, and at a good price, is what Upstate Stock is particularly good at; we'll never look at a pair of wool gloves the same way again.


Made in a family owned factory with four generations of knit making history, Upstate Stock pieces are created on Shima Seiki machines, which literally "spit out" the gloves according to engineer set settings. These Japanese machines have helped to link the Japanese and American knitting industries since the early 70's.

From this machine, the pieces get hand sewn edges, are stretched for hands, pre-shrunk for wear, and are finished off in midtown NYC with a hand sewn tag.

4498aa28c14dab8367428e5316cf718d_large[images via Kickstarter]

We'd tell you to add this brand to your Christmas wish list, but their big product roll out will be for FW14, and in order to help support their first season, they're asking for some help, via kickstarter. Go help them out! It doesn't get much cozier than this.

Check out their kickstarter campaign here