The Squad Makes Its Capsule Debut in Paris this weekend

June 20, 2016 BY CAPSULE


New to Capsule, and part of the group of designers we’re calling New America, The Squad, designed by Katherine Theofilos and Alex Claster, is a forward-thinking clothing line, featuring stylish basics and layering pieces, all made in LA. The brand operates a flagship shop, “The Squad Boys and Girls Club” in the DTLA Arts District. We caught up with Alex and Katie as they prepares for the SS17 shows.

(c) Tell us about your SS17 collection- what’s the inspiration?
AC & KT: Sunken highs | moving towards you is that feeling of losing a part of yourself while you gain in being a pair. It's like the bee and the bud; the bud loses some of itself, but the bee takes it and makes life… that feeling is the sentiment of the collection; a feeling of loss with gain. ... and there's this tropic vibe happening.


(c) What are some key styles or fabrications we should look forward to seeing at Capsule?
AC & KT: Undone oxfords, deadstock stripes, academic gabardine, worn cottons, trouser & top sets, graphics: quietly and loudly everywhere


(c) Your brand is part of a collective of brands we're calling New America - what does the term New America mean to you in reference to your brand?
AC & KT: For us new America is multiple factors: the purity of LA development and manufacturing, the relevant style coming out of the States, and a personality. So this embrace of American manufacturing, specifically everything that happens in downtown LA-if you know, then you know-it's not glamorous, but it's what keeps it us. And then there's the style: innovative denim, amazing cotton, cool, yet polished suiting and most importantly, unique perspective-the manifestations of this style and this identity is what's setting the tone for New America, while we are all trying to keep up.


(c) Any brand news you'd like to share?
AC & KT: We're coming up on the 2nd birthday of our club (The Squad Boys and Girls Club) in the art's district LA; we've got some sweet collaborations leading up to the celebration.

(c) What or who do you think is impacting men's fashion this season? Please elaborate
AC & KT: All of a sudden there is an embrace of color, patterns, light-hearted motifs, graphics, and experimental processes -…and that's exciting.