Behind The Piece: M.Nii Shore Leave Jacket

July 16, 2014 BY ALEX DELANY


Behind The Piece is a series in which We Are The Market explores the inspiration and story behind a noteworthy piece of clothing in a contemporary menswear label’s upcoming collection. We’re bringing you the complete breakdown behind the design and creation of some truly incredible garments, as told by their designers.

Behind The Piece: M.Nii Shore Leave Jacket

A cotton jacket is an essential in any dude's Spring/Summer wardrobe. Sometimes putting your arm around that beautiful girl (or guy) next to you at the bonfire just isn't enough to ward off that chilly summer night air. You need another layer, one just light enough for those island nights. Luckily, Hawaii's surf-inspired label M.Nii has you covered with their Spring/Summer 2015 Shore Leave Jacket.

M.Nii started as a tailor shop on the island of Oahu, eventually creating custom board shorts for the surfers of the 1950's. The brand has since been brought back to life, and it's now producing top notch button-ups, T-shirts, chinos, and trunks that draw heavy inspiration from the retro Hawaiian aesthetic. Stripes, prints and gnarly island typography, you get the gist. Taking some notes from military garb, as opposed to strictly surf or island wear, this jacket has an interesting origin. The folks at M.Nii explain how a military inspired garment landed in their collection:

"Military uniforms have always been a major influence in men’s clothing. WWII naval, shore-leave, “standard issue” uniforms were in abundance in post-war Hawaiian second hand stores and often found their way onto the backs of surfers in need of (inexpensive) clothing, left behind due to hasty pack jobs."

The surfers of the 1950's, just like the menswear enthusiasts of today, knew exactly how to take care of business. However, M.Nii definitely stepped it up with the Shore Leave Jacket, featuring a single button cuff, zipper closure, gnarly pockets, and peek of floral print in the lining. The Oahu natives would have been lucky to throw this on after a long day's surf.