Uniforms for the Dedicated:A Play of Nonesense A/W 09



It looks like Lewis Caroll’s trippy tale of Wonderland has had a bigger impact on fashion than previously believed. Not only did sundry looks in the Comme des Garcons SS10 collection reek of Alice in Wonderland, but it appears as if The Mad Hatter and Co. were also the muse for Uniforms for the Dedicated’s A/W 09 lineup. Mike Lindh, Head of Design, says, “There are similarities between Lewis Carroll’s conception of the world and the ways we like to look on our work and entrepreneurship in general. To try transiting the imaginary into action is always tempting.” The collection has been baptised A Play of Nonsense, and what a playful batch it is. There are colorful knits, a tricot made of organic cotton, and asymmetrical details throughout, keeping the eye vigilant and awaiting the next terrifically Wonderland-inspired detail. With a collection like this, it’s no wonder Uniforms for the Dedicated was was awarded “Upcoming brand of the year 2008” by the Swedish Fashion Council during Stockholm Fashion Week. (--Antonio Reis)