Undercover Launches Furniture

June 27, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Japanese imprint Undercover has announced the launch of a new furniture line. Designer Jun Takahashi is teaming up with Kazuya Sasaki of Small Clone for his latest project. Sasaki has previously done interior design for Undercover and White Mountaineering as well as fellow Japan-based retailers Art and Science and United Arrows.

Undercover unveiled the first piece in the line on Instagram this week, which is a one-off anarchy chair design. The three wooden chairs feature the brand’s signature “A” on the back in yellow, red, and green.

Undercover shared in the caption that the furniture project doesn’t have a brand name yet and that the duo will be taking it easy as they move forward, but you can expect to see new designs from them in the future. -- Erica Euse