Trippin' with Brandon Svarc of Naked & Famous Denim

January 09, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Seeing as these guys are always on the road, we asked Brandon for some well-earned travel advice he's gleaned over the years. With the upcoming market and tradeshow circuits, not to mention all the fashion weeks, shit’s about to pop off. So pay attention and learn a thing or twofrom a veteran of the game!

So what’s your travel itinerary this upcoming season? Oh goodness… We fly to NYC from Montreal, do the 2 day (capsule) show which ends on the 17th, then fly out that night to Berlin, setup that show and do the show for 2 says, then fly out the last night on “air (capsule)” to Paris. Then setup the show and do that for 3 days, then back to Mtl. Then we do Toronto for 4 or 5 days. Next is Vegas, Los Angeles, San Fran. Then Vancouver which may add Seattle and Portland. I’ll also go back to Paris and hit up London and perhaps Amsterdam as well. NYC again for women's (capsule) and then we’ll see…

Where are you most excited to go? I’m excited about Paris. I speak French which helps and we are doing an event with colette this time which should be great!

What’s your favorite way to take a break from working during business trips? Basically our only chance for a break is late dinners and sometimes having a few drinks at the (capsule) after-party.

What are 3 essential items to bring along when you travel? 4 monster sized suitcases full of samples, since its winter my Arc’teryx Veillance jacket which is thin but super warm, and good walking shoes.

What’s a tip you’ve learned over the years you can share on how to ensure you have a good trip? It’s obvious but plan as far ahead as possible. Hotels will be cheaper and closer to the venue, flights will be more efficient, and make sure your samples are going to the right place and have enough time to get there. The worst case scenario which I have seen is someone sitting sadly at an empty booth because their samples are late.

What’s your favorite hotel to stay at this season? We really don’t give a shit about fancy hotels. We just try to find the cheapest hotel that is close to the show and that has wifi.

Is there a favorite food or restaurant you're gonna hit up in your upcoming travels? Oh man, Mickey’s Deli which is a kosher burger joint in Le Marais makes my mouth water just thinkin’ of it. Mmm big fat burger with pastrami and a fried egg on top anyone?

What city has the best neighborhood for a stroll? I’m really banking on Paris here but I love Le Marais. Strolling around Paris just makes me happy.

Which city has the best shopping, and where? That’s not a fair question… or at least it’s too vague because “shopping” means something different to everyone. But I like Paris's Marais (again) because they have a cool mix of crazy luxury stores like L’Eclaireur and concept stores like Merci.

What’s a nightmare travel experience you’ve had, and how can we avoid that in the future? The worst thing to ever happen to me was missing my flight from NYC to Paris. We were shopping around in soho and like assholes thought we had way more time than we did. It took forever to get a taxi and then it took 2 hours to get to the airport. I had to buy 2 new and expensive tickets! How to avoid it?... Leave to the airport a bit earlier!!!

Are you going to bring us back any presents from your trip? Oooh maybe I’ll get some Absinthe in Paris that’s illegal in the US due to its ridiculously high alcohol content.


Cover Photo: RawDenim