The Tribe Lookbook from Rila

February 13, 2014 BY RILA

Just posted photos from the new look book shoot on the "collection" tab. Go check it out!


In the past few months I have become interested in beadwork and exploring other materials and metals. I was going through a book I received of handmade and ancient beads quite a lot. I started experimenting with ceramics. When Jimmy Nelsons project Before They Pass came out I was totally blown away by it. This lead to the concept of Tribe. It is a collection of pieces with various tribes of the world (more specifically those in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia) in mind. I wanted to take the "siren" from last season and move her from the sea inland. I imagined her exchanging shells and other treasures from the sea for trade beads and tribal artifacts.

Thanks so much to Ryan, Lizzy, and Jessie for their work on the shoot! Isn't the new logo cool? thanks to this Ryan. Also a shout out to my friends at Candamil for letting us use their studio space.