Trending: Sales Reps at (capsule) Women's S/S '12

September 23, 2011 BY CAPSULESNEWS

When you work for a brand, you’re constantly exposed to fashion. So we thought who better to chat with about upcoming trends for the Spring/Summer 2012 season, than the sales reps themselves. We caught up with Linda Jamsson of Minimarket, Rogan Sales Manager, Emilie Hawtin, and W29 Showroom owner Susanne Rehnstrom. - Hana May

Linda Jamsson, Sales Manager for Minimarket

First up is Linda Jamsson of Minimarket, whose style is laid-back with a modern feel, accomplished through beautiful fabrics paired with interesting silhouettes and a kick ass pair of shoes. Don’t forget the hat to match.

Where do you live?

Stockholm, Sweden

Where are you from?

Dalarna County, Sweden. “Where they make those little red horse sculptures.” What are you wearing?

Minimarket, Bowler Hat

Minimarket, Vest Zoot

Minimarket Embla Shoes Trends you like for s/s ‘12?

Really long white pants in thin materials

Transparent layers

Flowwy dresses Trends you’re over for s/s ’12?




Theme song:

PJ Harvey, Lick My Legs I'm On Fire


Emilie Hawtin, Sales Manager for Rogan

Rogan Sales Manager, Emilie Hawtin is pretty damn adorable if you ask us. Her personal style at capsule included tights with shorts and came complete with a red headpiece. As far as trends, the petite Hawtin finds chunky shoes "very unflattering," needles to say they didn’t make her list of “likes” for spring/summer 2012. She isn’t a fan of over the top looks and believes style will start to be "not so in your face." Instead, she’s feeling “demure” or “monochromatic” fashion, referencing designers like Timo Weiland.

Where do you live?

Brooklyn, Prospect Heights

Where are you from?

New Jersey

What are you wearing?

Rogan Trim Tank

Rogan Ord Shorts

Shoes from Paris (She can’t remember where exactly or the name of the brand.)

Trends you like for s/s ‘12?



Bold Bright Prints

Color Blocking

Smaller Pleating

Trends you’re over for s/s ‘12?

Maxi Skirts

Really Chunky Shoes


Theme song?

Bing Crosby, Pennies from Heaven


Susanne Rehnstrom, Sales for Rodebjer

"I like almost everything," Susanne Rehnstrom of Rodebjer says when it comes to trends. But that hasn’t stopped her from having an opinion about the various shades that will be in style come spring/summer 2012. Originally from Stockholm, Rehnstrom moved to New York 12 years ago. “And still there's a accent," she jokes. Joining Rehnstrom in the Big Apple, Carin Rodebjer, the designer behind Rodebjer, also just relocated to the city. All hail the Swede with New York influence!

Where do you live?

East Village, New York

Where are you from?

Stockholm, Sweden

What are you wearing?

Rodebjer Muska Sweater

Rodebjer Indus Blouse

Marc Jacobs Pants

Ann Demeulemeester Shoes

Trends you’re into for s/s ’12?

All white


Trends you’re over for s/s ’12?

Black and grey

Theme song:

Lykke Li, I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)


Maria Barfod, Sales and PR for Moonspoon Saloon

Maria Barfod, who handles the Sales and PR at Moonspoon Saloon, is looking forward to the sun. She’ll be moving to LA next month, leaving Denmark behind. “I’m not going to miss Copenhagen,” she says. Barfod’s style is as wild as the company she works for, and at (capsule) that meant deep rich colors, leather and outrageous detailing in a good way. Barfod thinks flatforms with tight pants will be big for spring/summer 2011 and is so over hanging pieces of animal fur (see below). But, will L.A. change her look though? Probably not.

Where do you live?

Copenhagen and L.A. next month What are you wearing?

Moonspoon Saloon Grace top

Moonspoon Saloon Owl in the Pocket pants

Buffalo x Moonspoon collaboration shoes

Trends you’re into for s/s ’12?

Narrow pants

Flatform shoes


Black and white

Trends you’re over for s/s ‘12?


Foxtails hanging from purses or pants

Theme song?

The Weeknd, High for This