Trend Forecasting With Multi-Label Retailers


We do a lot of interviews on We Are The Market, so we'll keep this simple for you–we chatted with the best multi-brand retailers in the world to find out their trend forecast for SS14. Check out their answers and if you feel so inclined, click through to the complete interviews.

Shirts_2Shirts_1What do you expect to be a major trend or must- have item/classification for SS14

1- The brands that sell the most product have a clear and creative message that speaks for itself (Dana Dramov Showroom)

2- Desert Boots for Girls. Dresses again- we’ve been dressing like men for way too long. Could be its time to be a girl again? Natural Fabrics and organic dyes/ color. Cream and white (Need Supply Co)

3- Watches, having something smart around your wrist is still a good thing. (Need Supply Co)

4- I’m always into sneakers, Yohji pants and Dries Van Noten button-ups. (Totokaelo)

5- Allover prints are still around as is the influence of sport style on fashion (sneakers, etc) (Table Of Contents)

6- Everybody’s gone surfing and if they’re not surfing they look like they’ve strolled off of their mega yachts…(Oi Polloi)

7- Streetwear is obviously a huge feature of Menswear at the moment (ASOS)

8- I think a must have will be a more tech forward back pack (Garbstore)

9- Baseball jerseys in different fabrics, prints and cuts. Batter up (Reed Space)

10- I think high-end streetwear is the biggest trend at the moment (Idiel Showroom)

11- Simplicity: laid-back silhouettes made of simple cuts and subtle, primary and pastel colors. (Beaubien)

12- The patterns are gonna keep flooding over us but we’re ready to move on and keep it more solid.(Tres Bien)

13- We’re definitely seeing the 90?s sports/streetwear trend sticking around(Urban Outfitters)

14- Wider cuts and comfort are important. No prints.(SOTO Berlin)

15- The market is watching you with the eye-on-everything trend (BPMW showroom, naturally)