Travel Tips from Infinite Legroom's Hana May


We travel a lot. So we’re happy to have a new blog dedicated to our particular breed of Up In The Air lifestyle, in the form of DJ A-Trak’s new Homegirl Hana May, the site’s EIC, gave us some of her travel preferences and quick tips:

hana-may-hearty-1When Capsule kicks off in Paris (June 28th!), a lot of us will be on the road for weeks. What’s the one essential clothing item you should pack for a long trip away from home?

I'm a fan of a crisp, clean white tee. Roll the sleeves for variety.

How long is it possible to live out of a carryon?

A week and a half, then you start looking and smelling like a This-is-My-First-Trip-Through-Europe Backpacker.

OK. Now some quick picks: What’s your preferred airline?

Jet Blue

Aisle or window?

Always window. Nap time!

What do you buy at Hudson News?

Water and gum.

What’s your favorite hotel?

The Crosby Street Hotel

What kind of luggage do you carry?

I have someone carry it for me. Duh.


See the original in Capsule Newspaper No.6