Tourne de Transmission SS14 Collection

June 27, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


Tourne de Transmission (which translates to "rotating transmission") is one of the hottest brands coming out of London to date. TDT creator, Graeme Gaughan, launched the brand as a way to express his creativity and to experiment with textiles. The phrase itself signifies the brand's design- a combination of words and visuals to make a profound statement or send a subliminal message. Gaughan designed t-shirts for bands and brands before launching his own line, now with TDT he has the freedom to express himself with this collection that has evolved beyond t-shirts into knitwear and footwear.

Gaughan explores teenage independence with his SS14 collection titled "Streets like a Jungle". The collection embodies the initial leap from home, leaving the nest egg in order to discover the world and oneself. Paneling and color-blocking are prevalent on the brand's signature monochrome color palette.



Gaughan injected color with the use of aqua green that was set against neutral beige tones on sweats, shorts, and jackets. A few visuals for the collection come from prints called "migration" and "Virus" that represent the naïveté of a bright-eyed young adolescent getting their first taste of their idea of the real world. For words, Gaughan looked to wordplay from Blur's 1994 album Parklife and clashed them with early 90s hip-hop inspired street wear.

TDT collaborated with footwear brand HUDSON for a new sneaker collection. The collaboration collection consists of two sneakers that fit seamlessly with the collection's use of textures and paneling. Their accessories range is also expanding with rucksacks, card cases, and iPhone and iPad cases in patent and suede.

You can see the Tourne de Transmission SS14 collection in person at Capsule Paris this weekend and Capsule New York next month.

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