Touching base with Greg Armas, Assembly New York & LA

April 06, 2016 BY CAPSULE

Greg Armas' Assembly stores in New York and Los Angeles have served as a launchpad for new and emerging designers since the New York store opened in 2008, and Los Angeles in 2015. Minimalist decor highlights assortments of clothes, accessories and lifestyle items for men and women in both cities.

The shops boast brands to discover like 69, Jerusalem Sandal, and and David Michael, as well as an eponymous house line, which cleverly brings gender neutrality to stylish basics. Thanks to his keen curation, and ability to spot future design stars, Greg Armas has already earned a leading role in the independent retail world, and a well-deserved spot in the CFDA. Armas also curates a section of emerging labels at Capsule New York Women's show.


(C) Assembly has a signaturepoint of view, and clearly evokes a certain identity -- what would that be in your words? What is the Assembly lifestyle?
GA: There's a quiet authority that we are always culminating through our designs, designer selections and ethos. The lifestyle is about correct priorities, about buying what's perfect and editing out the rest from life.


(C) Do you see any major differences between east and west coast shoppers?
GA: Huge differences. NY is very concerned with function whereas LA clients are looking for more emotive pieces. The accountability is so high in NY and based on walking vs car culture as in LA.


(C) Trends you can't wait to bring into the shop?
GA: More denim, corduroy and ironic hits of ‘70s fabrics and details.


interview by Amber Davis