Tokyo meets NYC: A Conversation with jeffstaple and Hiroshi Fujiwara

August 21, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS

jeffstaple-hiroshi-fujiwara.jpgOccupying opposite parts of the globe, the names jeffstaple of Staple Design and Hiroshi Fujiwara of fragment design both evoke thoughts of respect, innovation and creativity. Through a relationship that began in the late 90s and eventually blossomed into a full-fledged friendship, both jeffstaple and Hiroshi Fujiwara have continually pushed the envelope amidst a growing and ultimately extremely saturated product market. Despite the relationship these two influencers posses, their work together has been sparse occupying only a handful of team-ups, that was until the two came together to form the cornerstones of Burton’s advanced diffusion line, iDiom. In a conversation involving both personalities earlier this year in Tokyo, Hypebeast got a chance to speak candidly between the two and get a better understanding of how their relationship has played out over the years in a great interview. Read it here.