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March 17, 2011 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Topshop to use UK factories...China's Emerging Designers...Is Karl Lagerfeld the hardest working man in The Biz?...Baggy is Back...Apparel Prices Fall

Topshop to use UK factories: British billionaire Philip Green, owner of the Arcadia retail group, said he is considering investing in and sourcing from UK clothing factories to mitigate the soaring cost of cotton and Asian wage inflation, reported Bloomberg. "When the market is as it is you want to manage as near home as you can. That's why there's some debate about UK manufacturing and people actually opening some new factories," Green said at the RetailWeek Conference on Wednesday.(Stylesight)

China's Emerging Designers: While China’s money has been an economic driver, and Chinese design cues have been picked up by some designers, the next part of fashion’s eastward tilt may be the rise of Chinese creativity. ith Shanghai Fashion Week about to kick off, and Beijing Fashion Week just around the corner, Jing Daily is looking forward to the newest collections by some of the top emerging designers in China (Jing)

Is Karl Lagerfeld the hardest working man in The Biz? Not content with heading up three fashion houses - Chanel, Fendi and his eponymous label - and an accessories line for Hogan, the ponytailed one's "after-school" projects can only be described as exhaustive, not to mention random. The Telegraph has a hilarious overview of the Kaiser's side hustles. (Telegraph)

How to buy US-only brands from overseas: American website assigns shoppers who like to buy American an American street address so they can shop online in American stores and have their packages shipped to anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost. (GQ.UK)

Baggy is Back: After years of showing snug, skinny and even constricting clothing, some menswear designers are in a more relaxed mood. Fashion houses such as Calvin Klein Collection, Comme des Garçons and Louis Vuitton put fuller, wider cuts in their runway collections for this year, featuring baggy pleated pants and voluminous, flowing shirts and coats. (WSJ)

Apparel Prices Fall: Retail apparel prices fell in February in both the men’s and women’s apparel categories compared with a month ago, despite inflationary pressure further down the supply chain from historically high cotton prices, the Labor Department said in its Consumer Price Index Thursday.(WWD)