Thrasher - Vogue for Degenerates?

March 31, 2016 BY CAPSULE

It's no surprise that the Thrasher tee -- the logo T-shirt featuring the logo of the iconic skate magazine, has been adopted as a favorite of models and fashion stylists for the past few months, even being featured on the pages of Vogue, since Thrasher has been called "Vogue for degenerates."


Read a great article about Jake Phelps, the editor of Thrasher, in this week's California Sunday magazine and learn all there is to know about Phelps and his role in the history of skateboard culture, and how he's shaped the magazine over the past few decades.

"An unwillingness, or inability, to stop is perhaps the defining characteristic of Phelps’s career. He’s been the editor of Thrasher since 1993. The magazine occupies such a privileged space in skateboarding’s collective imagination that it’s difficult to know what to compare it to. Skaters call it “the bible,” but we’re prone to hyperbole. Maybe it’s Vogue, but for degenerates, and Phelps is skateboarding’s Anna Wintour. Phelps likes to think of himself as the Thrasherbrand personified, and in many ways, from his caustic wit to his encyclopedic knowledge of the sport, that’s true." Read more here.