BoF's List of Best Fashion Videos is Missing One Very Important Entry

October 29, 2014 BY STEVE DOOL

Business of Fashion has made their picks for the best fashion films of the season, and it's a comprehensive list of the videos that made the most noise over the course of the last few months. From the art-minded, satirical clip by Miranda July for Miu Miu's Women's Stories project - which, we must admit, is pretty great - to the more run of the mill 30-second campaign spot by Givenchy, BoF's list covers all of its bases.

Well, except for maybe one very prominent base. All of the videos on the list are fine, but we're still partial to the series of 6 second spots from Vogue's Vine account in which lady of the hour Nicki Minaj attempts to teach some decidedly un-bootylicious models the "Anaconda" dance backstage at Alexander Wang. It's the most transfixing thing we've watched bounce across our laptop in quite some time.