The Perfect Towel?


Outlier, the company that revolutionizes the way we wear fabrics to promote maximum wearability, has done it again with what they call "the best damn towel".

Towels can be a sensitive subject; too fluffy, too thin, soft but not absorbent, absorbent but similar to sandpaper, and the terry-cloth (or not) complaints go on. Outlier thinks they've solved all your problems with their latest line of beach ready, bath ready and general activity ready collection of towels.

Trying to conquer the conundrums that relate to the existing fluffy sand-magnets and microfiber rags, Outlier turned to linen and created a sort of super towel.

These towels are big but fold up small, absorb moisture while feeling dry, the fabric is structured but soft, they come in three sizes, and they promise to perform. Are they miracle towels? Maybe. Are they perfect? Check them out for yourself.