The Newsstand: A Closer Look

November 25, 2013 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER

With last week's focus on the independent magazine, we thought it was only fitting to interview Kevin & Jamie, the duo behind The Newsstand, Williamsburg's own pop-up indie mag shop set in the underground of the Lorimer subway stop. We stopped by on Saturday while the crew was setting up a pop-up-inside-pop-up installation by artist and native New Yorker, Todd James. Dive into their brains with us!

IMG_9068Tell us about The Newsstand and who is behind it.

KEVIN: Alldayeveryday launched The Newsstand as part of it's original programming endeavors. We wanted to create something for the creative community around us to share and celebrate their work. We brought in Lele Saveri to curate and program the space because of his authentic style and expertise in the world of independent publishing

JAMIE: It is a way for Allday to collaborate and in a creative execution while showcasing the thinking we often present to clients. It is an example of 'branded content,' but in a fun and authentic way that adds value to culture while building up what Alldayeveryday represents.

How did you and Lele Saveri meet?

KEVIN: I met him a few years ago through my friend and Allday art director, Othelo Gervacio.

JAMIE: I first met Lele through Kevin and got to know about his passion for zines and print through our team helping with PR and marketing for his b-annual 8 Ball Zine Fair. It only takes a few minutes with Lele to realize he isthe guy in independent publishing.

IMG_9114Can you tell us about each of your roles in the production of The Newsstand?

KEVIN: Jamie and I came up with the idea and brought in the Allday team to help get the project off the ground. We have really given Lele a lot of autonomy to be able to run the space the way he feels is best. We have brought in a few different artist events down there like Cheryl Dunn, Diplo, Ryan McGinness, and Jose Parla.

JAMIE: Beyond the concept itself we have really looked at how to make this experience of The Newsstand special. Supporting on the curation of special events, the marketing and communication around the space and helping it to grow with pop-ups of the idea with Opening Ceremony for NYFW, at the New York Art Book Fair, and coming up at Art Basel in Miami.

Do you think zines will go digital?

KEVIN: They already did, it's called Tumblr.

JAMIE: It's a good comparison. A place where creatives can collect ideas and showcase work. Our shop is sort of like a physical version of the dashboard, a place to see it all together.

IMG_9101Favorite magazine? Least favorite magazine?

JAMIE: Hard to pick a favorite, we've had so many good and unique titles come in. I've been reading a lot on magazines and magazine design lately so instead of one mag I'll have to say the book, The Modern Magazine: Visual Journalism in the Digital Era, by Jeremy Leslie.

Have you done projects like this before?

KEVIN: We have helped Lele with past 8-ball Zine projects at the pool hall.

JAMIE: There have been a handful of projects like this for clients, including Nike's recently closed Bowery Stadium but its a new territory for us in creating around our original programing.

IMG_9129Any disaster stories? Customers causing a ruckus?

KEVIN: Not so much, people have been really civilized to tell you the truth. It was definitely crazy the night Aaron brought a live comedy show down there, the cops weren't having it.

JAMIE: It has been great to see how well it received by passerby's that know little about zine or independent publishing. With 15,000 passerby's a day, we're lucky for how appreciative the community has been.

Who would be your dream cashier (dead or alive)?

KEVIN: Glenn O'Brien

JAMIE: Dave Chappelle

How long will The Newstand be up? Any crazy projects planned for the future?

KEVIN: We aren't sure yet. But definitely through the end of the year.

JAMIE: There always a lot of ideas for new projects. We have a good track record for bringing them to life and the creation of The Newsstand is hopefully one of many.