The Must Reads of the Week (9/23/13 - 9/27/13)

September 27, 2013 BY WATM


We're in Paris for our last Capsule show of the season. It's bittersweet, we love the excitement of the season, but we're ready to see FW14. Too soon? If so, look at this week's must reads to keep you from thinking too far ahead.

Here's our list of Must Reads of the Week.

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1. Mark McNairy's Clothes are Loud So He Doesn't Have to Be via Vice

McNasty is a tough guy to read. Very few have been allowed into Mark McNairy's world, but in this interview from Vice McNairy lays his cards on the table and shares his inspirations and prized possessions - just a few things to make him tick.

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2. The Creative Class: George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, Interior Designers via Business of Fashion

This luxury interior design duo that make up the company, Yabu Pushelberg, are the minds behind New York City's most iconic store designs. The road to designing for Barney's, Bergdorf and Louis Vuitton's stores was a bumpy one and the duo share their inspiring story of how they made it there.

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3. Fashion Weeks: All That Glitz Remind Me Why I Prefer Style over Fashion via The Guardian

It feels like the world stops spinning during fashion week. All eyes turn to NYC, London, Milan and Paris when it's showtime, but 'The Invisible Woman', the author of this article, discusses what really catches her attention at the shows.

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4. A Supposedly Fun Thing We'll Probably Do Again via Selectism

Speaking of fashion week, author Jason Dike discusses how odd the fashion industry can appear from the outside looking in. Presentations and other events sound a tad weird when they're described, and Dike does not pull punches when it comes to how bizarre things may seem.

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5. Why Does a Vicuña Jacket cost $21,000? via The Wall Street Journal

See that cute looking llama in the above photo? That's a vicuña and its hair is so soft, luxurious and rare that a blazer made with their fut starts in the 5 figure range. They don't harm the little guys anymore, don't worry, but check out which brands love to work with the vicuña.

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