The Must Reads of the Week (8/19/13 - 8/23/13)

August 23, 2013 BY WATM


N'Sync reunion rumors, Yeezus plans to save his baby's grandmother's talk show (yeah, we went there), Drake unveils his Benjamin Button esque album cover, and Bradley Manning has a sex change!

It has been yet another eventful week so we can't blame you if you happened to miss a few articles. Check out the best of the week before you get started on your weekend (and R.I.P. Jett Jackson, we'll miss you man...)

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1. Fete Fashion in Rio via The New York Times

This must read isn't even a read, it's a video look into the fashion scene in the Madureira neighborhood of Rio and the local charme dance. The video highlights a few stylish youths that break down their style and their influences before discussing the charme dance. The most interesting part of the piece is how the American and Brazilian cultures mesh in each subject's personal style.

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2. Alexander Wang on Balenciaga via Dazed Digital

We bet that your friends shared this piece with you a million times, and we bet that after every chance to read this imaginable you still put it aside... Well here's yet another chance! While you were busy being a new slave (by "spending everything on Alexander Wang"), Wang dished on his warm welcome into his new job at the legendary atelier, Balenciaga, what it feels like not being "the boss", and finding the balance between designing classic and modern fashion.

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3. The Creators via Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter styles and interviews 8 New York City creatives that explain why New York City is so inspiring (and is basically the greatest city on earth, no bias).

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4. Interview with Sir Paul Smith via The Talks

Weekly updated interview magazine, The Talks is a phenomenal read every week. Sven Schumann and Johannes Bonke have featured favorites in sports, movies, music, and fashion in intimate interviews that take the reader into their subject's world. Whether you're a literature aficionado, a movie buff, a sports freak, or a fashion guru, the duo manage to strike a chord in your heart through a celebrity that you hold near and dear. This week, j oining Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington, Bill Murray, and LeBron James, is the pride of British fashion, Paul Smith.

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5. The Evolution of the Hypebeast via Complex

Fashion is not just a grown-ups' game. For decades, the youth have influenced fashion's hottest trends with their devil-may-care and at times impulsive style choices. Designers and marketers still have a hold of the industry, but you can't deny that the consumer dictates what's hot and what's not, especially the younger segment. The punk, b-boy, grunge, and hip-hop eras came and went but they live on in the DNA of the Hypebeast. What sets the 80s and 90s apart from the hypebeast is how great of an influence the Internet played on their personal style and education. Complex's Jian DeLeon mapped out the evolution of the hypebeast from his early streetwear days, to his colorful super-dressed hip-hop phase, and his recent turn to a darker look.

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