The Must Reads of the Week (12/16/13 - 12/20/13)

December 20, 2013 BY WATM


Still on your Bey high? Well snap out of it! Christmas is next week, you gotta get to shopping! Well actually, before you go shopping check out this week's Must Reads.


1. Taking Fashion to a New Dimension via New York Times

LATEPASS! We shared our 2 cents about 3-D Printing, read the New York Times' in-depth look at the production process and how fast things have changed in the industry.


2. WHAT ELSE? Mark McNairy via High Snobiety

High Snobiety shares a Big Mac with McNasty and converses about his expertise, his reservations, and a possible upcoming musical project that may involve Pharrell.


3. Can a Playboy Shoot Ever Really Be Fashionable via The Guardian

Hadley Freeman of The Guardian answers a (not-so pressing) question about the tastefulness of Playboy shoots after the release of Kate Moss' issue and Alessandra Ambrosio's piqued interest.


4. In Conversation: Enzo Fusco, CP Company via Port Magazine

It's no secret that tech-inspired gear is in high demand. Port Magazine's David Hellqvist explores this, specifically Japanese microfibers and other fabric innovations.


5. The James Jebbia Interview via Hypebeast

James Jebbia doesn't do interviews often, or at all for that matter. Hypebeast was able to have a sit-down with Supreme's elusive owner about how he kept the brand relevant for almost 20 years and stay in demand by people of all walks of life.


6. What Happened to Menswear via

Jian DeLeon tackles the elephant in the room by asking what happened to menswear? A lot has changed since the days of #menswear, for better or for worse, and Jian HAS GOT THE ANSWERS.


7. IMG Deal Spurs Fashion Week Questions via WWD

You may not be aware of WME and Silver Lake Endeavors' recent purchase of IMG Worldwide this week, but this is important. IMG Worldwide has owned MBFW since 2001, and since being acquired, WME and Silver Lake Endeavors currently claim ownership. Constant complaints and a change in venue has lead to discussions of how to change MBFW for the better, but with new ownership it looks like there is more to come than just a new location with tightened security. WWD has all of the details.