The Must Reads of the Week (11/4/13 - 11/8/13)

November 08, 2013 BY WATM


Did you all go out and vote? We're not sharing which side we picked, but we're sure happy that a new body will take the Mayor of NYC seat. And if we buy shares in Twitter, should we tweet 10x more to push the stock price up? Hope that works... Anyways, the times are a-changing, and the articles just get better and better. Check out this week's Must Reads.

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1. Our Tumblrs, Our Teenage Selves via The Cut

LATEPASS! Writer Ann Friedman finds the relationship between Tumblr and escapism and how it relates to pre-Internet era teenagers that preferred celebrity posters over reblogs.

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2. Fashion's New Horizons via The Wall Street Journal

Another LATEPASS! The Pratt Institute will offer a fashion incubator program in Brooklyn as a response to the growing number of fashion designers that are Brooklyn based. Look into WSJ's crystal ball to see if the fashion district will be moving out of Manhattan.

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3. Meet the Reporter Who Worked Undercover in a Bangladesh Clothing Factory via BuzzFeed

We recommend reading this article from investigative journalist, Raveena Aulakh, about her week working in a clothing factory in Bangladesh where a 9-year old girl named Meem was her boss. BuzzFeed caught up with the journalist to talk about what sparked her interest in the subject, her game plan and her life ever since.

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4. Why #Menswear is Ruining Your Sex Life via Four Pins

Writer, Jon Moy is pretty consistent when it comes to writing humorous, satirical lists about the #menswear community. His most recent list gives readers insight into their inability to "get laid".

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5. Karl Lagerfeld on Diets, Sobriety and Becoming a 'Nicer' Person via The Cut

We can't help but listen when Karl talks about his personal life. He opened up to actress, Jessica Chastain of the Oscar Award winning movie Zero Dark Thirty, who interviewed Karl Lagerfeld for The Cut, which turned out to be very personal and slightly humorous interview.

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