The Must Reads of the Week (11/25/13 - 11/29/13)

November 29, 2013 BY WATM


Awoken from your food coma yet? Did you make it out of the whirlwind that is Black Friday alive? Then take time for yourself to read The Must Reads of the Week.

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1. Kevin Ma & The Hypebeast Machine via Port Magazine

Port Magazine's David Hellqvist shares a story we know too well and love to hear about Kevin Ma's hobby turned career, Hypebeast. Hellqvist touches on a few parts of Ma's story and the circumstances that made his success possible.

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2. The Bloomberg Effect: Fashion and the Mayor via WWD

Bloomberg was as instrumental as Diane von Fürstenberg and Steven Kolb in putting fashion in the forefront of New York City's artsy and cultural sections of the city. This story sheds light on what Bloomberg helped start for fashion and the many plans he set in motion.

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3. Dealer's Hand via The New Yorker

Before you head to Yayoi Kusama's latest art installation, 'I Who Arrived in Heaven', read about why David Zwirner, the name behind the gallery holding her installation, is so important.

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4. Tavi Gevinson: The Like, Role Model, or Whatever via Bullett

The Style Rookie is growing up fast. The 17-year-old Editor-in-Chief of Rookie Mag, her online magazine, now has an acting role under her belt and an even wider audience than when she started. The young and old hang on to her word and are drawn by her aura. Read what makes her one of the most important people in fashion today.

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5. Dries Van Noten - The Last of the Independents via Varon Magazine

Another gem from David Hellqvist (knocking em out of the park)! Hellqvist spent time with a member of the venerable Antwerp Six, Dries Van Noten, to discuss what makes up his aesthetic and how it what it means to be a truly independent designer.

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6. Finally Black: What Does Justin Bieber Mean When He Says His Style Is Influenced by Black Culture via Complex

In an extensive Hollywood Reporter interview, Biebz shared that he is currently influenced a lot by "black culture". Justin Charity writes for Complex about what Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are doing to their own image and the hip hop community.

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7. Fashion Should Take Plus Sizes Seriously via Business of Fashion

The Fashion Industry, like other industries, are constantly looking to grab new markets in order to increase their profit margins. Now women's bodies have been a rather taboo topic in fashion because of the unfair expectations set for women. This Business of Fashion article makes a case for why the industry should focus on plus sizes as much as their sample sizes.

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