The Must Reads of the Week (10/7/13 - 10/11/13)

October 11, 2013 BY WATM


It has not been a good week to be a fan of Big Blue... It has been a great week for Kanye rants though, but then again, when is it ever not a good week for that?

It's been a great week for reading too, here's our longest list of Must Reads yet.

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1. Why Fashion Films Are Usually Cartoons via The New York Times

Cathy Horyn followed our very own Mr. Dool's Versace movie review with her critique of the film that is less about the film and more about the industry's popular personalities. Horyn explains the difficulties of separating the real person from the characters they portray in real life.

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2. A Queer History of Fashion via Dazed Digital

It's no secret that gay men and women have been designing clothes, in fact, some of fashion's most venerable entities were homosexual. Tempe Nakiska interviews Valerie Steele, the author of 'A Queer History of Fashion: From The Closet To The Catwalk' about the relationship between fashion design and the LGBTQ community.

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3. Pusha T's 11 Favorite Brands via Complex

King Push's album dropped this week on Tuesday, and did you preorder like Bahr told you to? The album is a must-listen, but this isn't about must-listens, it's about must reads and you must read about the 11 brands that Push swears by (so you won't be one of those dudes in all camouflage at Magic).

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4. Interview: Sass Brown of "ReFashioned" via Cool Hunting

Sustainable fashion has not been discussed as much as it should be. Although brands like H&M, American Apparel and WANT Les Essentials de la Vie use organic cotton and Saint Laurent introduced a recycled fabric with their New Vintage collection during Stefano Pilati's tenure, sustainable fashion never made it to the forefront and even took a backseat to 3D Printing. Sass Brown opts to change this with her latest book 'ReFashioned: Cutting-Edge Clothing From Upcycled Materials'. Paolo Ferrarini interviews Brown about the role recycling and upcycling can play in fashion.

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5. Designer Stefano Pilati Discusses the Future of Menswear via the Wall Street Journal

Speaking of Stefano Pilati, he shares his views on trends and shoppers as well as his vision for Zegna now that he is at the helm. Couture is front and center now for the brand. Pilati shares how he will apply the basics of couture into menswear. Oh, and we learned why we should move to Berlin.

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6. Carol Lim & Humberto Leon: "It's All Work and All Fun" via The Talks

LATEPASS! Kenzo and Opening Ceremony's head duo, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, are interviewed in the latest fashion column on The Talks. The pals share how they met, who the bad influence was out of the two and what it's like working together. Spoiler, this read brings tons of smiles.

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7. The Millennial Male is Not Who You Think He Is via Adweek

Another LATEPASS! This Adweek article knows more about yourself than you do Millennial Man. According to Sam Thielman, the author of this article, you don't have cable but you still keep up with today's popular shows, you're super thrifty, you like to be advertised to and like things that you can relate to. Was that vague enough for you? Give it a quick read to see what we mean.

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