The Must Reads of the Week (08/26 - 08/30)

August 30, 2013 BY WATM


The VMAs aired last Sunday and yet it is still the main topic at the water cooler. Miley really shocked the world and Oxford too who officially added twerk into the dictionary. More important than that, Syria is in the midst of war that may require United States participation. Obama will need a better reason than the hacking of the New York Times website to get involved, but hey we're not in the White House so we don't truly know.

What we do know is that the following five articles are must reads this week, so click the link below and get to reading.

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1. Made in America: What Does it Really Mean? via Hypebeast

In this Hypebeast editorial, the phrase 'Made in U.S.A.' is broken down to a T in terms of quality and labor. With more quality attentive menswear brands hitting the scene, Hypebeast explores if this will be feasible in the long term.

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2. In The Future Everyone Will Be a Fashion Editor via NY Mag

In this NY Mag column, Author, Allison P. Davis breaks down how social media has a much greater reach than fashion shows and how active social media users can turn their knack for carefully curating content into a new trend-watching platform that could potentially land them in the big dog's chair at a magazine (or website, we don't know what the future holds really).

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3. Is New York Only For the Successful? via The New York Times

"If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere", New York City has been the go-to destination for "making it" in the United States, where possibilities are endless and the American Dream can be fulfilled. In this article, we meet a harsh truth that the city is getting more expensive to live in and explore the idea of "making it" elsewhere before taking your talents to NYC.

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4. Robin Lawley: The World's Most Refreshing Supermodel via The Guardian

Robin Lawley is being coined as Cara Delvigne's biggest opposition yet. The 24-year-old, 6'2 plus-size Australian model graced the cover of Italian Vogue, was the face of Ralph Lauren last year, and is considered to be a closer comparison to the average woman than Delvigne and other models. In this interview, Lawley stresses that every woman's body should be respected regardless of their size, that women should be better represented on the runway, and her side projects.

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5. A Continuous Lean's Michael Williams on Menswear and Being an Entrepreneur via Complex

WATM alum, Erika Graham interviews Michael Williams of Paul + Williams and A Continuous Lean. In this interview, we discover why he holds American-made goods in such high regard and how he just can't get a handle on streetwear.

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