The most influential menswear buyers and what to expect for Spring 16

June 11, 2015 BY LUKE ALLARD


With menswear runway shows just around the corner, reached out to six of the most important menswear buyers in the fashion industry to see what they are expecting and hoping for, this coming show season. Included on the list are names like Jesse Hudnutt from Opening Cermony, and Sarah Andelman from Colette.

As a general theme, all the buyers are very excited about the growth of the menswear market in general, as reports, the menswear market is growing faster than that of the women’s. This season is expected to deliver product in the direction of sportswear more integrated into formal collections: Barney’s buyer Tom Kalendarian mentions “a continuing trend towards mixing casual elements with formal clothing.”

Be sure to check out the full article here, and see if you agree with what the buyers want, and don’t want to see, this Spring.

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