The Modern Tailors - Part I: Ariel Ovadia, Ovadia & Sons, NYC

October 18, 2011 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Top quality craftsmanship is top priority for Ariel and Shimon Ovadia, the designer twin brothers and founders of NY-based Ovadia & Sons. The collection of tailored menswear, as well as casual looks, is made all over the world by the most respected menswear specialists. The brand has received rave reviews thanks to the carefully sourced materials, impeccable tailoring and modern styling and details. While still in their 20s, the Ovadia brothers have an appreciation for sartorial history and tradition, which they infuse with a modern edge. We caught up with Ariel to talk about where he sees the market heading.

WATM: How do you explain the relatively recent emergence of neo-traditional menswear? Why do you think its so popular right now?

AO: What's old is always new, eventually. I feel that the last waves of 'trend' in menswear have exhausted themselves. The customer is much more educated than before and is looking for something that doesn't go out of style in 1 or 2 seasons. This results in makers going back to the roots of how items were once made, quality and design wise.

WATM: Please describe in your own words a bit about your production process. Where is your collection manufactured? How are traditional construction techniques employed in your collection (please show a few examples) ?

AO: Each specific item is made in the location we feel will result in the best make. For example, we wouldn't make our knitwear in the United States. Let's take our ties for example; The silk is woven in England and then brought back here to the US where we make the ties. Our shoes are hand-made in England with a century old shoemaker.

WATM: How important is local production for you? Why??

AO: It's very important. Giving back to the local businesses and quality/production control are the two obvious points.

WATM: Do you think the consumer cares about where something is made? Please elaborate.

AO: It depends on the item. If it's a T-shirt, probably not. If it's a shoe or cashmere sweater, chances are they are looking at the country of origin.

WATM: What items do you consider to be iconic menswear classics and why?

AO: The first ones that come to mind are: The navy blue sport coat, the gray suit, the double-breasted jacket and a worn in leather bomber. Those are the most versatile pieces a man can have in his closet. You can build everything else on that and dress it up or down.