The Manufacturing Initiative


Manufacture-NYThis week on WATM we will be lending a special focus to those designers and brands who do their own manufacturing locally and on-site. Vertical manufacturing, if you will. To help us kick off this focused week, we thought it would be appropriate to shine the spot light on the current fashion initiative the CFDA is undertaking, and a start-up that focuses solely on helping NY based designers, get it all done in house.

The Fashion Manufacturing initiative is an investment program that was created in order to revitalize NYC's own garment district. While places like Seattle are in the middle of starting their own district, big urban centers such as New York have fallen victim to outsourcing manufacturing, which has left the local industry to dwindle. As the application states– "The program will offer financial grants to New York City’s fashion manufacturing businesses looking to grow and sustain by improving their machinery, expanding services, and training workers on the latest fabrication technologies and equipment". If you have been in business for more than two years and are in the NYC industry, you are qualified...what are you waiting for? Go apply!

On the resource side of things, we have Manufacture New York, "a fashion incubator/factory hybrid dedicated to providing independent designers with the resources & skills to streamline their production process & transform local manufacturing into the most affordable, innovative option for all". Starting in Brooklyn and NY's garment district and hoping to expand, this start-up is one to watch.

Get going!