The Influentials: Liana Weston

September 21, 2015 BY CAPSULE

Pacing down the dozens of aisles as I chose looks from emerging brands presenting at this year's Capsule Show was no easy feat--there was swimwear, sportswear, solids, stripes, silks, silk screening, slits, slip dresses, sundresses, skirts, skorts, shirts, name the fabric, print, color, and difficult-to-pronounce designer and it was there for the eye feasting.

My Influentials booth could have gone a thousand directions, so I decided to curate items from diverse designers whose overall collections not only inspired me, but also showed immense promise and potential. Here's to the likes of Alexa Stark, Connesse, Toit Volant, and thensome! I edited down to two distinct looks that evolved from the art of layering with subtle splashes of color. I focused on mixing tailored textures with playful patterns so that the ensembles could be relatable while at the same time imaginative.

My end goal was for the woman wearing these looks to seem sophisticated yet cool and unassuming enough for you to want to tap her on the subway (or let's be honest, in your uber pool) and ask where she got her coat, because naturally, you're "dying to know!"

- Liana Weston of Into The Gloss