The Id, the Ego, and the Superego: Cheap Monday SS14

August 28, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


Jeans connoisseurs are more than familiar with Cheap Monday. This Swedish brand that was founded in 2004 sought to provide trendy jeans without the outlandish price markup like its competition. Now, almost 10 years later, they carry full menswear and womenswear collections as well as a full range of accessories, underwear, footwear, and clothes for toddlers that are all distinguished by their all too familiar skull logo.

For Spring 2014, Cheap Monday personifies an inflated ego with an overly-confident collection that consists of exaggerated silhouettes and narcissistic graphics. The collection mirrors 90s youth culture with their three themes: exaggerated silhouette, fragmented reality, and buffalo riot. The three themes are displayed in contrasting fits, excessive use of large prints and details and tribal style graphics.

Perhaps the relation to early and mid 90s hip-hop and late 90s goth was unintentional, but it's interesting to see how this conceited collection is comparable to the style of those times.

For a video of the show, click here.

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