The Five Types of Trousers You Need This Spring


Looking to add a pinch of panache to your spring style? Try a pair of pants from the recent spring collections. From the office to the ocean and every destination in between, these five types of trousers will carry you through spring in style.


The Sweatpant- The sweatpant of the season is nothing like the stained, saggy workout pants you wear to the gym. Trim, tasteful, and tapered, the sweatpant you’ll be rocking this spring is the exact opposite of the pair of pants your mother would never let you leave the house in. We particularly like this pair from John Elliot, recently named one of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers in America, which is made out of a fine French terry cloth knit here in the USA, and boasts a subtle drop crotch and slim leg.


The Cargo Pant- Cargo pants, long regarded as the foulest fashion faux pas, have enjoyed a recent resurgence within the menswear community. However, unlike their brethren of old, the cargo pants of today are cut slim and sexy, and come in a wide array of colors and fabrics. Long gone are the dozens of bulky extraneous pockets, and in their place are sleek side pockets tastefully placed on either side of the pant leg. Try this navy pair from Gant Rugger, made out of a cotton and linen blend perfect for those warmer days ahead, and wear the heck out of them. The new slim cut and trim pockets means these pants will look equally appropriate in the office and at the bar after work, so don’t hesitate to throw them on regardless of the occasion.


The Weatherproof Pant- While April showers do bring May flowers, they also tend to ruin your favorite pair of shoes in the process. Don’t let your pants go the same way. Instead, invest in a sturdy pair of pants, like these nigh indestructible white selvedge jeans from RRL, and greet the onslaught of spring rain confident you won’t look like you spilled your drink all over yourself earlier in the morning. Don’t let the color deter you, either. These 13 oz. selvedge jeans may be white, but they’re far from high maintenance. In fact, they come lightly washed for a slightly worn in feel so you don’t have to worry about ruining them in the rain, and you can throw them on when the weather is less than pleasant confident you’re protecting your legs and your dignity.


The Statement Pant- Prints aren’t just for tops. Slip on a pair of statement bottoms, like these tropical printed pants from Ami, and add an immediate dose of irreverence to your spring wardrobe. As with all statement pieces, make sure the rest of your outfit is relatively muted and stick to the basics, like designer Alexandre Mattiussi did during his spring collection here. Pairing the bold printed pants with pieces like a solid green sweater and simple white sneakers was the best way to allow the pants space to shine while simultaneously offering a look that is both confident and cool, and is definitely a style move you should copy this spring. Can’t get to the tropics? Get the tropics to you, instead.


The Daily Grind Pant- Meet your new favorite pair of pants. This is the pant you can wear just as easily with a lightweight grey blazer and silk knit navy tie, or a cotton crewneck sweater and crisp suede bomber jacket. Let’s face it, in the middle of a spring heat wave no one wants to be wearing denim. Enter these pants. Made out of a lightweight cotton twill and cut with a modern slim fit, the Connor chino from Club Monaco is the perfect substitute for your favorite pair of jeans come the hotter days of spring. And, like any good pair of crisp indigo jeans, these pants have all the versatility inherent in a sleek navy chino, and come with a broken in fit that lets you skip over the initial stiffness of your best selvedge. Throw these on with just as much abandon as the jeans you wear in the fall, and head out the door comforted in the knowledge that you look damn cool, and will remain that way for the rest of the day, too.