The Five Trends to Know This Spring


Out with the old and in with the new. The helpful axiom that holds true for spring cleaning is equally applicable when it comes to discussing spring style as well. In the case of this past winter, spring could not have come soon enough. And, with the arrival of the warm weather, chances are the warm weather clothes aren't very far behind. So out with the various cold weather accoutrement of winter, and in with all the long awaited warm weather necessities of spring.

In celebration of the imminent arrival of long spring days and in an effort to eliminate any of the potential confusion regarding spring dressing, we happily present The Five Trends You Need to Know to stay updated this spring.


Proportion Play

Layering has long since redefined the traditional menswear silhouette. Men are no longer confined to the creatively stifling confines of simple suit and tie, and have thus embraced casual layering as a means to experiment with previously anomalistic proportions. A perennial favorite style move amongst streetwear enthusiasts and high fashion followers alike, layering has now gone seasonal. Forego the plaid flannel shirt tied behind your waist, and opt instead for a breezy tunic in lightweight linen better suited to handle the unexpected spring heat wave. And, on the mercifully cooler spring evenings, leave the full fishtail parka at home, and step out in a slinky cotton undershirt layered under a trim biker jacket instead. Should you find yourself sartorially discouraged and in need of inspiring images, look no further than the past spring runways- you’ll be sure to find inspiration aplenty.


The Return of the Double Breasted Blazer

It’s official: the double breasted blazer is back. The suiting staple that used to be defined by its overly large, boxy cut and heavily padded shoulders has been resurrected as a slim piece with high armholes and minimal padding and lining. The double breasted blazer you’ll reach for this spring is the perfect piece to help you through the tricky spring weather with style. Typically rendered in breathable cotton with soft shoulders and a half-lined interior, the spring double breasted blazer is much less stuffier than the wool versions you might find around fall or winter. Try it in a cotton or even a linen, and don’t worry about wrinkles. Spring fabrics are naturally less formal than their winter counterparts, and should be treated as such. Don’t just bust out the blazer for occasions that demand it, try wearing one more casually with a beat up pair of jeans and leather loafers, or with a crisp pair of khakis and suede sneakers. Just because it’s a blazer doesn’t mean you have to wear it with a tie, either. The coolest way to wear a blazer today is over a more casual top like a striped boating sweater or even with an open neck button-down in a bold plaid pattern.


Get Some Air

The best way to rock a button-down this spring? Button up. Do like the hundreds of preps, punks, and pop poseurs before you and embrace the air tie. The air tie, once claimed exclusively as the look of choice for rebellious youngsters around the world, has now become so mainstream it’s downright conformist. The mass popularity of the air tie amongst the spring collections means you can now rock your own with impunity, provided your rendition is more downtown cool kid than uppity nerd chic. Rock the air tie with any outfit you would wear a regular tie, and definitely with the ones you wouldn’t as well. Try the air tie under a battered denim jacket or with a fine gauge crewneck sweater for chillier spring days. For more formal occasions just make sure your collar is as slim as your suit, and then button your shirt all the way to the top and proceed with confidence.


Join the Navy

We’re calling it now: blue is the color of the season. If you don’t own anything in that perfect blue color just yet, don’t despair. This color comes in so many various shades and permutations it’s impossible not to find a hue that does right by you. This spring we particularly like the several iterations of indigo seen across the runway in assorted different forms. From weathered western shirts in beaten denim to three piece suits in light chambray, indigo brightened up even the most mundane outfit on the runway, and added a subtle touch of classic Americana to brands from all over the world. The various shades of blue we saw this spring, including cobalt and navy, lend themselves perfectly towards elegant monochromatic layering that is anything but monotonous. Try pairing a navy on top with a lighter shade of blue on the bottom, and watch how the subtle contrast immediately emphasizes the textures and fabrics of your outfit, or rock a bold denim jacket with a pair of streamlined white jeans for a look as cool as it is classic.


Print Palooza

Prints have emerged as the prevailing pattern for spring. From loud, brash exploded prints to small, subtle microprints, the pattern of spring is offered in a wide range of options and styles sure to sate even the most eclectic fashion appetite. Wild floral prints, zany geometric prints, and bright tapa prints that pay homage to the ubiquitous Hawaiian shirts of the 60s were just some of the patterns that seemed to dominate the runway this past season. The trick to wearing a bold print? Take it one at a time. Treat it like any other regular shirt in your daily rotation, and be sure to keep the rest of your outfit relatively muted. Try wearing a more subtle printed shirt with a pair of solid colored slim chinos or even a sleek lightweight wool suit. As for the louder Hawaiian prints, pair them with your favorite washed out jeans and a sleek anorak and no one will mistake you for a dad on vacation.

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