The Dark Side of the Loom

November 21, 2006 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Every well heeled man remembers that day well. The day that he first saw a picture of that elegant brogue with the mysterious and mischevous skull and cross bones punched out of the toe. Where did they come from? Was this for real? Could it be? Yes.






Barker Black, an English shoe company dating back to 1880 was looking for an overhaul. They hired fashion designer and dillettante Derek Miller to gove the brand new life.  Derek incorporates 'subversive sophistication' in Barker Black's shoes and accessories while keeping the quality up to par with Barker's age-old image. The results are shoes, ties, pocket squares and braces that are all a bit whimsical but made with good old English tradition and care. 


The line has gained a cult following and a tiny boutique opened in NoLIta last summer to give a US base for the brand. The 'blink and you'll miss it' boutique is cozy with brick walls, Union Jack art and anchored by the must have Chesterfield that would grace any Savile Row room.  Shoes are artfully displayed on one wall while accessories are lined up with military precision in front of the window. It may seem cramped but word on the street is that they are breaking down walls and expanding within the year.